Another Hope Children's Ministries

AHCM is a team of dedicated Ugandans with a commitment to give hope to orphans, street children and children from impoverished families.

It is a Christian non-profit organization registered by the Ugandan Government (S. 5914/8153). We are located in Kkona West Zone, Wakiso Sub-County, Wakiso District off Hoima Road.


AHCM envisions an improved quality of life for vulnerable children in Uganda by providing quality education, proper accommodation, health care, and spiritual guidance.


To bring hope to orphaned and abused children in the districts of Central Uganda, by providing love and care in a Christian environment.

The latest newsletter (January 2020) can be downloaded here.

Gifts to Another Hope Children's Ministries are tax-deductible in the USA and Canada and are processed through our friends at Good Measure International. 100% of your gift goes to AHCM.

When you go to the Good Measure International page choose Another Hope Children's Ministries under designation.

Gifts to Another Hope Children’s Ministries are tax deductible in Germany and are processed through our friends at Aid That Helps.If you are in Germany, follow this link: to receieve tax deductable donations