AHCM Staff

Senior Management at Another Hope Children's Ministries (AHCM):

Ms. Nambowa Ruth Bulyaba-Kasozi is the Founder & Executive Director of AHCM and Mr. Kasozi Daniel is the Deputy Director of Programs. Ruth has a Bachelors' and a Master's Degree in statistics, as well as experience in research, data management and statistical analysis. Also she has a Diploma in Information Systems Management and Mr. Kasozi Daniel has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Works & Social Administration and a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management. Together they manage AHCM . Donate a Christmas Gift to Daniel and Ruth this Christmas of the year 2018

Management Staff

Ms. Batoma Sharon is a volunteer at AHCM in Administration, Sharon has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. For 10months she has volunteered at AHCM and has helped to handle the administrative work.

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Mr Nathan Kiyemba is a field officer at Another Hope Children's Ministries. Nathan has a Bachelor of Arts in social sciences majoring in social Administration and minoring in public administration.

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