AHCM Staff

Senior Management at Another Hope Children's Ministries (AHCM):

Ms. Nambowa Ruth Bulyaba-Kasozi is the Founder & Executive Director of AHCM and Mr. Kasozi Daniel is the Deputy Director of Programs. Ruth has a Bacelor's and a Master's degree in statistics,as well as experience in research, data management and statistical analysis. Also she has a Diploma in Information Systems Management and Mr. Kasozi Daniel has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Works & Social Administration. Together they manage AHCM . Donate a Christmas Gift to Daniel and Ruth this Christmas of the year 2018

Management Staff

Other Staff

Mr. Kibuuka Edward is our driver, and his love for his work has made him able to fulfill all his assignments on time. He is responsible for all transportation schedules at AHCM. Without him we can’t move anywhere