Pre-Primary and Primary

Sponsor a child through Primary School.

It costs between $35 to $250 USD per school term to sponsor a child through primary school, and we have three school terms in a year This money pays for school fees, exam fees, school materials, boarding fees, food and school uniforms.

This year, 2016, we are sponsoring 64 children to go to primary school. We are delighted that last year we had 7 of our children finish primary school and go on to secondary school.

Pupils at St. Mary's Pride Way School.

As for now, we need just 15 sponsors for the 2016 school year. Please help give a child a chance for education and a way out of poverty.

Sponsorship Status:

Sponsorships for Another Hope Children's Ministries are tax-deductible and are processed through Globalgiving and if you are in Germany Aid That Helps.