Volunteering : AHCM happily invites anyone wanting to share their time or expertise with these children and staff, to contact us ASAP.

Your role at AHCM will be what you make of it.

There are 5 important jobs as a volunteer.

  1. Overall well-being of the children
    • Handing out vitamins
    • Checking health of the children
    • Making sure the facilities / clothing are at acceptable standards
    • Playing with the children!
  2. Teaching
    • Primary school – English, math, religion (texts provided)
    • Basic life skills – (culturally sensitive) HIV education, hygiene
  3. Organizing activities
    • Arts and crafts – using the supplies here or what you bring,
    • and using your imagination!
    • Games
    • Physical activity – sports, etc.
  4. Overseeing important administrative aspects
    • School enrollment – ensuring payment, school supplies, stock, etc.
    • Medical records and care – doctor and dentist appointments, medication, etc. making sure the HIV infected children don’t miss doctor appointments and that they take their drugs daily and on time.

5. Community activities

  • Working at Jayden's Kinder and Day Care
  • supporting at the Vocational School-Cogswell School of Beauty, Art and Design
  • Women or men or youth workshops
  • Supporting with water tank construction/Bible Distribution/Water Filter Distributions
  • School/Home Visitis

For more information, please read our AHCM Volunteer Orientation June 2017. If you are interested or have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Interested in experiences of previous volunteers? Click here stories of previous volunteers.

If you want to bring something for us, please check this list: List of items to bring.

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