The Self-Esteem project is a project that is looking at increasing the esteem of adolescents and young adults in the central part of Uganda.

Sanitary Pads:

One of the activities under this project is to provide adolescent girls sanitary pads and bras. In a survey AHCM conducted in 2016, it was found that many girls use a certain plant as pads. However, this plant has a high risk of causing infertility related illnesses to these girls, but they don't know this. Their main aim is to stay dry during their periods. It was also revealed that some girls miss school when they are menstruating, which is very common among girls in Africa.

These girls also mention that without bras, they feel they cannot freely play or interact with their friends.

It is with these problems in mind, that we at AHCM started the Self Esteem Project to help these girls. We are building individuals that can fight for their rights and keeping more girls in school will help to reduce the number of unwanted children that end up abandoned or abused in other ways.

Another activity that we do is reproductive health talks in schools and villages.

We are grateful to all individuals that have been supportive of these adolescents and more especially the Hugs project that was the first one to support us with pads and bras.

With $5 US, you can buy a re-usable pad pack for a girl. This Pack has four pads that can last for one year.

Please donate towards our reproductive health talks and pads and bras.