Project Description and Justification

Safe project is a construction and a poultry farm project. Our goal is to establish a sustainable non-discriminative community driven Children’s Home to accommodate at least 50 orphans, street children and vulnerable children from impoverished families plus those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS residing in our area of Uganda. To sustain the new children’s home, we will operate a fully functioning poultry farm. The profits will be used to pay for recurring basic expenditures like food, utilities and medical supplies for the children’s home.

In Uganda, there are many factors in constructing a children’s home in the community. This is because it will offer shelter to the homeless and resource constrained children, while at the same time offering psycho-social support to these children and their care givers. We will also engage in income generating for care givers and parents to be able to take care of their own children. Finally we will be seeking adoption of some children.

Presently AHCM is renting a well-furnished residential house it uses as a children’s home. But for cost effectiveness, AHCM needs to own its home to reduce expenditures like rent and utilities, plus use of a facility without restrictions. AHCM has purchased a piece of land that can house the proposed new children’s home. However to sustain this venture, this project also seeks to construct a guest house, where earnings from it will help cover recurring expenditures like food, utilities, etc. We already have land where this guest house will be constructed.

Purpose of the project

Orphaned by AIDS or abandoned by their families because of the overwhelming needs of their medical care, the children who come to AHCM have nowhere else to turn. AHCM not only gives them a safe home and the medical care they need (as permanent homes for them are sought out), but it also shares with them the truth of the Bible, providing a hope that transcends their situation. Safe project’s purpose is to construct a new home owned by AHCM . For sustainability, AHCM income generating activities such Art & Crafts and farming among others will help to cover things like food, clothing, paying for medical care and taking care of other financial needs of the new children’s home.

Progress: The children's home was completed in October, 2013,and now the children are staying in it. Next is the guest house. With your support, we can complete this guest house.

Completed children's house

Construction Budget for the guest house

We are left with approximately $8,000 to finish the Guest House part

Guest House under construction