Water Life Project

Many parts of Uganda suffer with the problem of clean and safe water, but there have been no major steps taken yet by the government to solve this problem. So even where wells exist, they don’t have enough water or clean and safe water for the communities. These communities could utilize the rain water, but they can’t afford to build water tanks.

The Water Life Project was started in 2009 with the major activity of constructing water tanks.

Water Tanks

From 2009 to March 2017, 210 water tanks for families have been constructed in the Wakiso and Mukono Districts with funds from people like you. AHCM was able to build brick water tanks/towers for these families so that they are able to harvest rainwater during the rainy seasons. This water will last them for a long time during the dry season, hence alleviating the problem of children fetching water. In Uganda, all wells are in the valleys and they are about a mile from the people’s houses. Also, this water will be clean and safe for use. It Costs $600USD to support a family with a water tank/tower.


Water Filters

Many families get water collected from wells, but it is not safe to drink.

Therefore, these families are required to boil the water, but because of low

literacy levels and limited resources, families decide to drink the water

straight from the water tank. Drinking this unboiled water makes them

exposed to many water-borne diseases such as cholera and dysentery.

In order to see that families are safe from the risk of water-borne diseases,

AHCM provides families with water filters that help purify the water from

their tanks thus making it safe to drink. We have managed to distribute 127

water filters in both Wakiso and Mukono District.-March 2017


Bible Distribution

As water tanks are constructed for families to have physical water, we don't

want them to have spiritual thirst. Glory be to God. 242 families in Lukwanga

Village have received Bibles to date. Thanks to Eric, Shannon, and Cierra

for helping to share the Word of God with these families. We are forever

grateful to Tim and Jane Birr for seeing that more families get the water

tanks, water filters, and Bibles too. We have distributed 324 Bibles in the districts of Wakiso, Luwero, Masaka, and Mukono-March 2017


Donations for the Water Life Project for Another Hope Children's Ministries are tax-deductible if you are in USA or Canada and are processed through our friends at Good Measure International. 100% of your gift goes to Another Hope.