Kiisinde Hasan

Name: Kiisinde Hasan
Age: 18 years
D.O.B: 15th/10/ 2003
Gender: Male
Location: Ntinda Kyeberese
District: Wakiso
Child ID: 18/00202

Kisinde Hasan is a very bright boy, and we see he has a bright future ahead of him. His 51 year old mother had written a letter asking for support from AHCM since his father wasn’t giving them support after he had separated with the mother. His mother quarries stones which cannot meet the increasing school fees Hassan needs. The Sponsorship he is getting is helping him to his dream, and he is so grateful.

Correspondence language: English and Luganda
Schooling: Senior Three
Family Duties: Digging, ( helps his mother to quarry stones), fetching water, buying food from the shops, washing utensils.
Hobbies: He likes music
Siblings: 5 siblings (2 girls and 3 boys)
Guardian Employment: Stone Quarrying

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