What our volunteers are saying

God has put a great love in my heart for the children of Another Hope as well as for the staff and the people of their community. We had some unusual opportunities to serve because of our prior relationship with Ruth and Daniel, and because of our first trip we were able to plan ahead more strategically for our second.  Even with this being so; we all have gifts, skills, and talents to offer; to serve and bless others and I’ve learned that when I pour those out it’s then that I’m most filled.  

Aunt Linda Eldridge

This year, I got to learn so much more about the culture than last year. Everyone seemed to notice my desire to help and to learn and not just to be a visitor. I spent time in the kitchen, making chipate and matoke. I went to the market and bought fruit to share with everyone for the meal that night. I had the privilege of teaching the children’s class on Sunday morning to nearly 20 precious children both from Another Hope and the community, and also had the privilege of teaching a community about clean water and cleanliness.

Aunt Jennifer Miller

Clean water and good health are subjects discussed with the children at AHCM, and I was lucky to take part in a meeting with the adolescent at the AHCM and the local community. At this meeting we spoke about good health and safe sex. As a young woman myself I can relate to many of the questions raised. I think it’s great that AHCM addresses these kind of issues and see the value of informing the adolescent, all to make sure that the youth have the best possible prospects after their time at AHCM. Thank you, Another Hope, for all the work that you do and for inspiring me!

Aunt Julie Sorensen

There are 5 important jobs as a volunteer.

Overall well-being of the children

  • Handing out vitamins
  • Checking health of the children
  • Making sure the facilities / clothing are at acceptable standards
  • Playing with the children!


  • Primary school – English, math, religion (texts provided)
  • Basic life skills – (culturally sensitive) HIV education, hygiene

Organizing activities

  • Arts and crafts – using the supplies here or what you bring,
    and using your imagination!
  • Games
  • Physical activity – sports, etc.

Overseeing important administrative aspects

  • School enrollment – ensuring payment, school supplies, stock, etc.
  • Medical records and care – doctor and dentist appointments, medication, etc. making sure the HIV infected children don’t miss doctor appointments and that they take their drugs daily and on time.

Community activities

  • Working at Jayden’s Kinder and Day Care
    supporting at the Vocational School-Cogswell School of Beauty, Art and Design
  • Women or men or youth workshops
  • Supporting with water tank construction/Bible Distribution/Water Filter Distributions
  • School/Home Visitis

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We are a Christian non-profit organization registered by the Ugandan Government (S. 5914/8153). We are located in Kkona West Zone, Wakiso Sub-County, Wakiso District off Hoima Road.

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