What our volunteers are saying

My time with Another Hope Ministries was a blessed time.  While there, the quote, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive,” came to mind more than once.  Let me expound on that, some people in my life took for granted my kindness and even expected it of me as an obligation.  Not here.  Here, Daniel and Ruth have given so much of themselves to the kids, and the kids have so little, that even a guy like me found joy in doing the little things with them, and for them.  I would joyfully wash clothes, paint the fence, mend some of the mosquito nets, and share the gospel with the kids.  They didn’t “Expect” me to do anything, but were genuinely thankful for everything we had done. They themselves were giving what little they had for the furtherance of the gospel and their fellow orphan.  I saw and participated in multiple organizations that taught kids biblical truths at Kinder-care.  Another organization we helped was one which provided meals for the elderly ladies in their neighborhood.  A few churches and a trade school asked us to come and teach too.  Cross compare with the children I know in the US, and they had a genuineness and a thankfulness that rested upon the grace of God.

There was some time for a bit of fun.  We got to go out on the water to watch the fishermen fish in their traditional way.  We went to a Rhinoceros preserve to see the few last Ugandan Rhinos, and they seemed surprised when I told them that we had a few of them in our American politics.  We went to a resort one day and had a wonderful dinner with the older kids at the orphanage, and at night our team would put on a movie or two for the kids with a projector we brought.

Joshua Graham

Wonderful! I am honored to be able to write a testimony there, Ruth! The momentum of the 2 schools & Orphanage continues. You have shown the utmost courage from the soul and have established a genuinely African way of life by working as a brave warrior. You outshine many men there. Hugs, Prayers, Love, and His Peace!


The good Lord has been blessing Jayden Kindercare with loving teachers who were raised up through AHCH. It was such an inspiration to see the teacher’s energy & love towards their students. I was happy to help teach, do crafts & present a devotional.

Cogswell Technical College has improved many of AHCH’s lives by providing excellent skills to enable them to eventually be self-sustaining. Very importantly, they have a dependency on the Lord. A student there has a gift of preaching and he presents a blessed message on Sunday mornings. The Lord truly was enjoying our praise. The women singing are unmatched by anyone who deeply sings with all their heart during the worship.

I’m thankful for the care & support of a staff member who grew up in AHCH. She is indispensable and precious. All the staff there work very hard. They make up the  “family ” of the orphanage.

JaJa Lois Graham

Volunteering at Another Hope. Some of my favorite moments in life. I’ve had the great pleasure of partnering with Ruth & Dan over the past several years in their efforts to serve the Lord’s children in Uganda, Africa. I’ve been able to see firsthand their tremendous efforts and sacrifice and have indeed never met anyone who works as hard as they do!

I enjoy talking to the children that stay at the home. We talk about life, their calling, their likes and dislikes, and of course goof off sometimes. There is a beautiful simplicity in the goals of the day, and though it takes hours to hand wash laundry or cook, I’ve always appreciated the opportunity to “Do Life” with everyone there.

Since my first trip to Uganda in 2015 with Aunt Liz and Meghan, this place and the time I’ve spent here has been a very special part of my life and journey. Between helping at Jayden’s Kindercare, Cogswell College, and many churches the days are always interesting. I’ve learned to both be ready at a moment’s notice and also be patient in the “African Time” variable of 3-ish hours wait.

The people, the culture, the music, the dusty sandals you get from walking on the roads are priceless.

Thank you, Ruth, Daniel, Another Hope Staff, Cogswell Teachers, Jaydens Kindercare Teachers, Local Pastors, and Doctors for hosting me and the teams I’ve come with over the past 8 years. It’s truly a gift to work with you in the calling God has on your life. May He steady you and strengthen your frames!

Love Always,

Jennifer Graham ( commonly known as Auntie Nampala, Musawu in Uganda)

Jennifer Graham

There are 5 important jobs as a volunteer.

Overall well-being of the children

  • Handing out vitamins
  • Checking health of the children
  • Making sure the facilities / clothing are at acceptable standards
  • Playing with the children!


  • Primary school – English, math, religion (texts provided)
  • Basic life skills – (culturally sensitive) HIV education, hygiene

Organizing activities

  • Arts and crafts – using the supplies here or what you bring,
    and using your imagination!
  • Games
  • Physical activity – sports, etc.

Overseeing important administrative aspects

  • School enrollment – ensuring payment, school supplies, stock, etc.
  • Medical records and care – doctor and dentist appointments, medication, etc. making sure the HIV infected children don’t miss doctor appointments and that they take their drugs daily and on time.

Community activities

  • Working at Jayden’s Kinder and Day Care
    supporting at the Vocational School-Cogswell School of Beauty, Art and Design
  • Women or men or youth workshops
  • Supporting with water tank construction/Bible Distribution/Water Filter Distributions
  • School/Home Visitis

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