As Another Hope Children’s Ministries (AHCM), we want to see an improved quality of life for the children. One of the ways we do this is through provision of accommodation. With accommodation comes a bed children rest on at night. Given their situations, it has to be so comfortable that it makes children forget all their worries. A bed is a possession one can have thus it makes our children feel that they have their own space.

In addition to that, our children are taught how to take good care of their beds and spaces so they grow into being responsible adults who respect what they are given. They know it is not a right but rather a privilege that many children don’t have access to.

In September, we were blessed with new beddings as the old ones were worn out. Many of our youngest children received new mattresses and are so happy about it.

Your sponsorship helps AHCM give hope to children as their needs are met, and they are shown that their future is bright.

I am one of the young boys and among the luckiest who got a new mattresses and covers for our beds. I had an old and torn mattress which could give me sleepless nights, and I admired other children’s beds. I love my new bed. I can now sleep well and I when I wake up, my body is all fine; it does not ache anymore in the morning. I thank our dear sponsors and Directors plus the staff for taking care of us.

I personally was not given a new mattress because mine is still in good condition, but I am so happy for those that received one. Weeks ago, some girls used to come to my bed because it was more comfortable than theirs, and they wanted us to share it. This limited my own space and theirs too. Having gotten new mattresses of their own; it is giving them a sense of owning something- a comfortable bed and their own space.

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